SMART goals are stupid. A future-proofed planning method I like to use instead of goals comes from my grandma's wisdom. The older you get the more #antifragile you become, I'd #dare say the method is antifragile, too.
Antifragility is a difficult, yet, imperative #strength the human race needs to develop asap.
My no-stress, future-proofed planning method is simple:
⏳ At the beginning of the month, I make a list of "more of…" and a list of "less of…"
⌛️ At the end of the month, you guessed: I check the dashboard and see if I did well or not and adjust the radio buttons.
🔧 The key to this simple system is to have a dashboard. Grandma used her religious holidays calendar…religiously.
I am using Excel, Google Calendar, Keep, and sometimes a Learning Journal.
That's "my kind" of SMART. You should try it!
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I write about career, performance, antifragility, clarity, courage and consistency.

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