A client from career coaching just decided to give up searching for a job. We have been working together on road mapping a transition. 

Preparing a new resume. Revamping the LinkedIn profile. Contacting some recruiters I know and some they know. We have put all the "wheels" in motion and then they had a meeting with their boss.

The meeting didn't change the terms of the current contract. No change at all. 

The only change is that the client felt frightened by the change they were going to embark on. No matter how much prepping they did before. 

They are utterly terrified to quit. 

So they will stay. Despite the fact that none of the things they unhappy with, will change. 

There is no trick here. It's the "freeze" state the brain gets into. 

Knowing when to quit is a skill that we should all appreciate more and flex those muscles more often. So when it's needed, to put it to good use.

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