If you start sweating at the thought of having an interview.


The recruiter asked the doomsday question: "Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?"
Things to consider for 5 seconds before you answer:
➡️ Recruiters are biased and human
➡️ Sometimes are bored to death or in burnout
➡️ Uncounsciously, recruiters look for people like them (science-based)
➡️ Recruiters have a checklist for a role to fill
➡️ Recruiters are gate keepers
You could choose to:
✅️ Stay true to who you are
🔔 Don't know who you are?
✅️ Tell them what they want to hear
🔔 Not sure what they expect to hear?
✅️ Answer with a question
🔔 The smartest answer sometimes is a question
What would you choose? I would pick the one that aligns the most with my current life.
Let's have a chat if you start sweating at the thought of having an interview.
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