How to ace a CV


You can't ace a CV if your self-critic is the loudest. You can't ace an interview if you didn't get your closure with your ex-employer.
✅️ Your CV is YOU.
❌️ If you are self-deprecating, the text you write will show it.
✅️ Your voice gets in your texts.
❌️ If your voice trembles with low self-esteem, your text won't be "solid"
✅️ Your self-confidence sets the tone of a job talk
❌️ Every recruiter will notice your mood and either send you home or take advantage of your state of mind and self-image and make an offer that is win-lose (some people do pray on the weak).
First get your past sorted out.
Lift your spirits up. Ideally not faking it, but make it 100% pure self-confidence.
Then write your CV - or better yet, let's write it together.
Get your resilience in check for a season of applying-to-jobs-right-now.
Then prep for interviews including your personal pitch in this!
💡Now you are ready:
➡️ You aren't making yourself small
➡️ You won't sell yourself short or be prayed upon
➡️ You have the right mindset for a win-win deal
Get in touch for CV writing, clarifying what's your secret sauce, how to talk at job interviews.

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