Can you afford it?


In 3 days, it's 2024.
☄️ The megatrends open up opportunities that will push down the acceleration pedal on life even more: AI usage, job transitions, workplace transformation, climate change, the big mental health "elephant" in the room
💥The agility or antifragility or adaptability or unlearning to learn or whatever the f**k people choose to call it, has been around for over three decades, Sir Ken Robinson kept talking about it until he died. Finally, some people GET IT now. You need to change! Transform. Adapt. Replace. Even if you are over 30, or 50 or 70. Cause you are gonna live longer and work longer if "interested".
🐺 Soul-searching, self-rediscovery, uncertainty about who you are, (and just about when you thought you knew what your life is about, in your 30s) is NORMAL! It's a sign you're growing up. Will you accept it or desperately grab the 9 to 5 lifeboat for another decade?
💂‍♀️And yes, to understand, immerse yourself, and integrate all these into your life, to REDESIGN your life around these and make them yours in a personal way, you need to #slowdown. To sit still for a while. Can you afford it?

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