Are you ready to speak about YOU?


Your CV got through and you got invited to an interview, are you ready to speak about YOU?
The biggest fear hiding behind the interview fear, is the horrible discomfort of talking about yourself.

❌️ You don't think you actually deserve the job
✅️ Lack of self-confidence doesn't get "treated" in 1 day. You should prepare in advance
❌️ You think you have no chance because you don't tick all the requirements
✅️ Probably the other candidates don't tick all of them either
❌️ You don't usually feel comfortable in the "artificial" environment of an interrogation
✅️ You should ask questions, too and it feel artificial only if you choose to see it that way
Most of the people don't prepare for an interview in advance because they want to "be authentic" and not "speak like a robot" who learnt stuff by heart.

Guess what?
This is the number one reason why they fail interviews.
When you decide to treat the most basic question out there: "tell me about yourself" seriously and invest in your career development in advance, call me!
We can make mockup interviews today for tomorrow, but the chances are they won't help.
Career building and development comes in time, brick by brick. And it starts with your story. What career story are you showing others without even knowing? What career story are you telling people? Are you speaking about your experience and skills with a smile? Do you believe you deserve the job you dream about?

Let's talk about it. Let's fix it in coaching if you don't #daredo it alone.

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