Seamless Career Transition Program (disponibil din iulie)

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Maybe you have outgrown your pot and need to move into a different garden since "life happened". Transition step by step, reconversion, or instant repotting, let's find out what suits you best.

So hop on a Zoom call with me and let's explore WHY first and what are the potential strategic career moves and paths. Then we make a plan and you can count on me as you progress on the new path.

This is a 5 sessions package in a coaching relationship where we aim for:

1. Self-(re)discovery through reflection, assessments, and exploratory discussions towards professions that fit who you are, much more than your current one, including potential entrepreneurial endeavors

2. Identify the learning path, what knowledge, skills, and experience upgrades or lateral moves are needed for your for your strategic moves /career shift /transition /reconversion, and make a learning/development plan to feel comfortable and do this SEAMLESSLY and not panic.

3. Career Strategy or Career Shift or Reconversion plan design and support in implementing it, from holding your hand on your professional development path to designing strategic "career moves" to get out of your current position without slamming the door on your way out.

Tools, food for thought and homeworks are included in the price and an estimate average number of hours (sessions on Zoom) to go through the steps explained above, is 5 sessions together and probably about 1-2 hours in between sessions. Your individual time for pondering, analysing, reading and deciding.

This is time for gardening your soul and mind. Treasure it and make the most out of it! Let's start repotting!

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