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I just deleted over 14000 emails. Sometimes it feels good to just delete all emails instead of labeling and sorting. Like "getting unstuck" and moving in a "new home" = your old inbox, but empty of all the stuff you decide to let go of - such as emails from 2010 - because a "part of you" wanted to keep them for some unknown reason. 

After re-reading a chapter from "The Science of Stuck", I had a chat with "Armina the emails hoarder" last evening and did some "self-parenting". Whatever was useful was already saved and backed up years ago - and I opened those backups perhaps 5 times in 10 years.

So after having a chat with that part of Armina (science proved it's easier to talk some sense into yourself when you talk in the 3rd person), this morning after coffee it became so obvious and easy that it's fine to just hit "delete all" and them "delete from trash".

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